WTF is The Product Breakfast Club?! 🤔

The Product Breakfast Club is a fast-growing podcast that is the perfect podcast for those looking for a behind-the-scenes look at how products are designed, how product teams work and for those wondering how to make better products faster.

Each weekly episode is a view on the product world from 2 distinct perspectives: Jake (an NY Times best-selling author) has worked with the best of the best in Silicon Valley and has completely changed the way companies around the world work with his Sprint process. Jonathan is an up-and-coming Design-person, and has built a multimillion dollar Product Design Studio and works weekly with the biggest and best brands in the world.

Who are these guys?!

Jake Knapp

Jake Knapp is the New York Times bestselling author of "Sprint". He has helped build hundreds of products while working as a Product Designer at Microsoft, Google, and Google Ventures, and is now working on his second book, Make Time. Jake also travels the world teaching people the Sprint process, often with the AJ&Smart Team.

Jonathan Courtney

Jonathan Courtney is a Product Designer and Co-Founder of AJ&Smart, a Digital Product Design Studio based in Berlin, Germany.

Jonathan has helped the world's biggest brands release successful products, writes for publications like Fast Co. Design, and can often be found on Youtube giving Product Design advice. Oh, and he's Irish and loves a good breakfast.

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